Hand crafted North Carolina pottery and traditional Southern Appalachian crafts. (828) 253-8499.

Hand-crafted, functional, North Carolina pottery and other traditional Southern Appalachian crafts in wood, fiber, and glass.

Creative amenities, speaker gifts, and corporate gifts a specialty.

Here you will find part of our collection of 5 color plate etchings of a prominent local artist, as well as other original pieces and other prints.  How to:  make your selection and give us a call or an email (828-253-8499 or  We will be delighted to provide you with any information we have on the artist and his/her work, prices, as well as an estimate of shipping costs.  In some instances, you may have a choice of the piece being framed or unframed.

In addition, we now have a number of photographic works by Paul Christopher, an Ashevillian. Remarkable photos, 15 x 30, on metal.