Hand crafted North Carolina pottery and traditional Southern Appalachian crafts. (828) 253-8499.

Hand-crafted, functional, North Carolina pottery and other traditional Southern Appalachian crafts in wood, fiber, and glass.

Creative amenities, speaker gifts, and corporate gifts a specialty.

Our quilts are hand-crafted heirlooms for your family.  Each quilt is hand quilted.  Why we are exceptional is that you may select the pattern (design) and the primary colors, and size of your quilt, and we will have it made for you.  But hurry, the lady who makes these magnificent quilts is about to retire; she is, after all, in her eighties!  Choose your quilt from the gallery below and then give us a call at 828-253-8499, and we will arrange for your heirloom to be made.  Should take about 60 days.