Hand crafted North Carolina pottery and traditional Southern Appalachian crafts. (828) 253-8499.

Hand-crafted, functional, North Carolina pottery and other traditional Southern Appalachian crafts in wood, fiber, and glass.

Creative amenities, speaker gifts, and corporate gifts a specialty.

Our Rock Candles are truly unique!!  They are made of slate native to Yancey County, NC, 

are fueled by ultra pure paraffin (no smoke & no odor), and illuminated by a wick made of

fiberglass that will last forever!  Below are SAMPLES of the types of rocks we have.  They 

come in one, two, three, and four wick models.  Please call (828) 253-8499 or write and we will send you a photo(s) of what we have on hand for 

you to select from.  Shipping is fairly strenuous for rocks (just a warning).